Thursday, October 26, 2017

Swarovski Christmas Ornaments 2018

Swarovski Christmas Ornaments 2017
The Swarovski Christmas ornaments for 2018 are as gorgeous as ever; take a look at the selection of Swarovski Christmas ornaments for 2018 there are still limited numbers available, get in before stock runs out..

Festive and glamorous, the 2017 annual Swarovski Christmas Ornament, annual edition will literally become the Star of the holiday season. The authentic design is beautifully executed in sparkling clear crystal. With a metal tag featuring the year of issue 2017 and a white satin ribbon, it makes an ideal gift or treat for yourself.

Swarovski 2017 Annual Edition Christmas Ball Ornament
This sparkling Christmas ball design in clear crystal will add a magical touch to the festive season. The precious hand-blown glass ball is decorated with an angel in Crystal Moonlight on the inside and hundreds of crystals in the Crystal Rock technique on the outside. This outstanding collectible and gift is delivered with a satin ribbon and the year of issue is elegantly engraved on a metal tag. Come in two sizes.

2017 Christmas Bell Ornament
Swarovski very first Christmas Bell Ornament and this is stunning. The hand-blown glass bell features a clear crystal clapper dangling on a silver-colored chain. Hundreds of sparkling tiny crystals in the Crystal Rock technique and a white ribbon complete this outstanding design.

Golden Shadow Christmas Ornament
This sophisticated Christmas ornament sparkles beautifully in golden crystal. This is a gorgeous, prismatic star that attracts everyone's eye. It comes with a silver-tone metal tag showing the year of issue and hangs on a golden satin ribbon, approximate size: 2 7/8 x 2 7/8 x 3/8 inches.

Christmas Star Ornament Set
This is a wonderful gift for the festive season. This set includes one Christmas Ornament, Annual Edition 2016 as well as two smaller Little Star Ornaments packed in a sophisticated triangular box.
3D Star
This is simply stunning. Exquisitely crafted in clear crystal and silver-tone metal, this 3D star ornament captures rays of lights and creates an impressive sparkle. It comes on a white satin ribbon. Size: 2 1/2 x 2 x 1 15/16

2017 Angel
 This year Swarovski Angel Ornament is crafted in clear crystal with great attention to detail. A classic symbol of peace and harmony, this delicate creation and gift comes with a satin ribbon.

2017 Rocking Snowman
This cute and playful snowman will rock the restive season. His body is crafted in clear crystal. Two sparkling stars and a Santa hat in shimmering white and red crystal complete his outfit. The curved base is specially designed to allow a gentle rocking movement. The creation comes on a white satin ribbon so can be used as a hanging ornament too.

2017 Rocking Reindeer
Add a playful touch to the festive season with this rocking ornament. It features a cute reindeer in clear crystal with a golden crystal nose and antlers. The curved base is specially designed to allow a gentle rocking movement. The design comes with a white satin ribbon so can be used as a hanging ornament too. This is an original gift and a collectible item.

2017 Owl
A  festive way to decorate your home. A symbol of wisdom, this playful owl in a combination of clear, black, and golden crystal will add sparkle to any room. The ornament comes on a white satin ribbon.

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Hope you are looking forward to the Swarovski Christmas Ornaments for 2018, I will let you know when they first become available.

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